Pate's Gun Camera footage from Blitzkrieg scenario

(All of these are unedited, I have just split them up according to a theme.)

This first gun camera footage is from the Saturday January 30th 13:00EST frame. It was taken during the Ju87 attack at F11 (Lille), which our 73rd Squadron RAF Hurricanes were CAPing. I had lost my rudder and left aileron to a bouncing 109 before I had fired a single shot, so I was fiting those JUs with a damaged plane. (That's why my aiming sucks:-). My shooting resulted in one assist.

This second footage shows me trying to shoot at some 109s. The first part of the film is from the same 13:00 frame as the above Stuka footage, the rest of the film is from the 15:00EST frame, where I was a walkon flying for the 85th Squadron, still in Hurricanes. That resulted in 1 kill, 1 assist and one 109 who had to RTB with a smoking engine.

The third film is from the Saturday February 6th 13:00EST frame. This was taken from the Stuka attack at F10 (Calais). I managed to kill one and get two assists, before a Stuka gunner managed to jam my left wing guns.

I am pretty proud of this final gun camera footage. It was taken on the same frame as the above. It shows my two JU52 kills and two paratrooper kills (oh, the inhumanity of war), and I even got an assist on my silly 109 headon pass.