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Personal AAR

Date: Sat 1/23
Time: 13:00 EST
Flight: 73rd Squadron / B-Flight
Station: Field 17
Plane: Hurricane 1
Pilot: -pate-

(This is the Allied mission map for this frame)

I was assigned to Flight B, with "-taur-" as the flight leader. Our mission was to penetrate deep into enemy territory all the way to map coordinate 1,-1,1 and proceed north to F21, returning home via F20.

We took off at about T+12 (I'm assuming T+0 was at 13:00 EST) and proceeded to heading 120 from F17, staying below 300 feet. I followed my wing leader "-null-", who in turn was following our flight leader "-taur-", in a route that was taking us around the heaviest AA installments between Essen, Cologne and Bonn.

(At T+18, following "-taur-" and "-null-" at 500 feet altitude)

At T+19 and map coordinate -1,-1,5 we were overflown by a large group (at least 17 planes) of unidentified aircraft heading west. We assumed they were a high sweep of 109s. They ignored us, quite possibly did not even see us as we were below 300 feet at the time.

(At T+19, a large group of unidentified dots high above us)

During this low level flying part of our mission we lost two planes, one ditched after an unlucky AA hit into engine, and one pilot sadly crashed into a hill. We were down to four planes.

At around T+28 we had turned north towards F21 and began to climb. Soon after that, at T+35, I flew into a thunderstorm, lost sight of the rest of our flight and had to RTB (that is, I got discoed).

Since I had no damage, I took off again at F17 at T+36. There was a large furball going on over F17 at the time with several 109s and friendlies fighting. I again stayed below 300 feet and began to fly east, attempting to meet with the rest of my flight at F20 when they were returning home. Due to radio difficulties (silly me, forgot to retune channel 1) I was not able to receive orders from my flight leader at the time.

(At T+36, I have just took off again below a furball over F17)

At around T+50 I realized I could not catch up with the rest of my flight in time, and also realized my radio was not tuned. I was at map coordinate 0,-1,9 at the time. I turned around as I heard the rest of my flight was returning to base to refuel. Soon after that, around T+55, the highlight of my mission happened.

(At T+56... Hey, what's that? A lone JU52 in the middle of nowhere?)

I saw something over a hill on the horizon. I could not determine if it was a bridge of some sort, a radar tower, or what. Then I saw it move as it was flying over the hill. Soon after that I recognized it as a JU52 transport, flying at 200 feet altitude, heading 210. I radioed in and began to look around for other dots. I was at map coordinate 0,-1,8 at the time. I saw no other cons and got orders to attack, so I hit WEP and started to follow the Ju52.

(At T+57, sneaking up on that poor unsuspecting JU52...)

Soon I caught up with it, staying on his six which I assumed to be a blind spot. I couldn't go to low six as the JU52 was at 100 feet altitude at the time. I opened fire when I saw tracers coming from the JU52, even though I was at over 300 yard distance at the time. Immediately I scored hits, and kept on firing until the JU lost a wing and crashed. (In hindsight I should have gotten closer and saved ammo, I spent 48% of my ammo into a single JU52). The gunners of the JU did not hit my plane (no pings).

(At T+58, I reported the JU as destroyed, and continued back towards F17)

At T+1:05 I noticed another low big dot ahead of me heading for F17, and at the same time several higher dots. I was very near F17 at the time, and also heard on the radio that "=eadg=" had seen a low JU52 and was attacking. At T+1:07 I got vis of the rest of my flight who were climbing over F17, and I (finally) joined them. We were climbing to 15K and heading east (if I remember correctly) of F17.

(At T+1:08, rejoined my squadron and began to climb with them)

At T+1:10 we saw a large group of dots co-alt with us (which was 11K at the time), which soon turned out to be a flight of JU87s. I hit WEP and all of our flight attacked the JUs. Soon there were some 109s in the fight, but only a few. I managed to get two assists on the JU87s (too bad I shot at the "wrong" targets, I should have taken the time to find targets that had not been shot at already... But there were so many friendlies there! :-)

(At T+1:11, 73rd Squadron attacking the Stukas)

(At T+1:12, the attack continues)

After shooting at those two Stukas I noticed I had only 1% ammo left, so I disengaged and headed for the field. The time was T+1:16 so I would not be able to replane any more. However, since staying alive is important, I started to look for the opportunity to land without getting bounced. Pretty soon all the enemy planes had been shot down and I was able to land. I touched down at F17 at T+1:20, and exited plane safely.

I had a lot of fun, even though I discoed once. It seemed to me the plan to penetrate into enemy territory at very low altitude was a very good plan! My thanks and salute to the command staff!

---------- Score sheet ---------------

Game ID: -pate-    Rank: Flight Sergeant
Handle: Pate <73 RAF>
Flying for: Purple
Fighter Score:  186.1      Bomber Score:  50.0
Last Sortie  :  186.1      Last Sortie :  50.0

Last Kills  :  zapper 
Last Killers:  


Sorties :    2   Kills              :    1
Landed  :    1   Assists            :    2
Ditched :    0   Current Streak     :    1
Bailed  :    0   Longest Streak     :    1
Captured:    0   Network Discos     :    1
Killed  :    0


HIT  :    358        0        0         0
USED :   1049        0        0         0
RATIO:   0.34     0.00     0.00      0.00

If any of you have any screenshots with me (-pate-) in them, I'd like to receive those!

Patrick -Pate- Aalto