Pate's old WarBirds screenshots

Here is a small collection of screenshots from the early versions of WarBirds (which at the time was called Confirmed Kill).

Version 0.91

The first version of WarBirds I flew in was 0.91, which was in free beta. Here are some screenshots from Confirmed Kill version 0.91, back in 1995.

This screenshot was taken October 1st, 1995, by my wingman "d999". We both flew the P51D almost exclusively and had countless fun fights during the months CK was in free beta, killing a lot of enemy planes and keeping each other alive. Oh, those were the good old times...

This screenshot was taken October 15th, 1995. It shows me giving some good pings into a green P38 flown by "seas". At this time Confirmed Kill only supported 640x480 screen resolution.

This screenshot was taken by "tm_t" (or nowadays "-meng-"), the first Malaysian WarBirds player. Luckily as he took this picture of me on his gunsights he was out of cannon shells. Phew!

Version 0.93

Version 0.92 introduced a new graphics engine. It was a rather buggy version and the more severe bugs were quickly fixed in version 0.93.

This screenshot was taken November 5th, 1995. It shows my beautiful P51D in front of the old volcano near the field F6. The volcano was inhabited by none other than Godzilla himself, by the way... When you click on the icon you can see the fullscreen (1024x768) image and you might even be able to see Godzilla taking his morning walk inside the volcano... I thought this version was very pretty, with the unlimited visibility and clear skies.

Version 0.94

Version 0.94 introduced a racing track.

This screenshot was taken November 24th, 1995. There was an open class race, free for all countries, late Friday night (my time). Looking back left I see several planes forming up on the starting line, near the NW pylon of the racing track. I raced four times and even won the last one! We flew with minimum fuel and shot off all our ammo before taking off, to make our planes as light as possible. (In case you wonder, in this version the landing gear was never visible in the deployed position.)